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Come see what our customers have to say. It has been our privilege to guide these brands in more clear and powerful storytelling.


it has been our privilege to partner with the following brands, agencies and creative entities in helping shape story for greater influence and impact.

“Justin worked with our Outreach team at Westside Church, developing our brand to help us mobilize to impact the lives of vulnerable children throughout Central Oregon. He was brilliant. He guided our team through our 2-day Spoken Identity workshop like the pro that he is. He has the ability to clearly articulate complex strategies, takes our jumbled thoughts and turns them into cohesive word pictures that capture exactly what we are thinking, guides without bossing, and generally turns what could be an intimidating journey into a delight. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks Justin!”
— Chris Earwicker, City Without Orphans Director at Westside Church
“Justin has an amazing way of helping you think about your business and your branding. He asks all the right questions and lets you come to your own conclusions about what your business is all about. He also has taught classes for me and my clients and they have been some of the most popular projects! I highly recommend working with him. He’ll get you thinking about your business and branding in ways you never even imagined!!!”
— Sami Bedell-Mulhern, Owner and Digital Strategist at H&E Marketing Solutions
“Updating our organizations messaging and branding felt like a daunting task. As the CEO of a small non-profit, I spend much of my time “in the weeds” of what we do, and less time thinking about the cultural dynamics that make us who we are. Justin not only guided us through the process of uncovering and articulating who we are, why we exist, and what makes us unique, but made it thoughtful and even fun! We genuinely enjoyed the process and it helped launch us into reworking our website, social media, print and even how we approach partnerships. I would highly recommend BrNSN to anyone who needs a guide through the messaging and branding process.”
— Dave Dealy, CEO at Kilns College
“For serious business owners/managers looking to clarify their branding message. I highly recommend working with BrNSN. Working with Justin has been an amazing experience. The level of expertise he brings to the table is unrivaled. Alongside experience, Justin also brings a genuine positive attitude which makes him a joy to work with. I highly recommend BrNSN to be one of the trusted advisors in whatever you plan to accomplish.”
— Louel Valdez, Owner and Photographer at Loo Loves You
“Justin is a master at his craft. The depth and breadth of his branding knowledge is unlike any I’ve encountered. Highly recommended!”
— Eric Parnell, Owner and Director at The NW Collective
“Justin is able to get inside your head and pull out the most important aspects of branding to formulate a living, breathing market messaging framework. We live and breathe our messaging thanks to Justin and his level of expertise. I highly recommend him as a very necessary step in go-to-market branding.”
— George Pierce, CEO at Pierce Footwear
“Absolutely loved working with Justin. We spent 4 maybe 5 hours going into great detail on everything with our business and brand, he was extremely thorough and helpful in every step of his process, patiently explaining everything. After we finished up he said he would be sending us everything: I was expecting it to take a week or two, we had it the next day! Justin knows what he is doing and is passionate about his work, you put those two things together and you have an unbeatable brand strategist working for you.”
— Johnny Davis, CEO and Owner at Red Light Productions
“Simply put - Justin has it together when it comes to #1 - being a Dad, a role that he relishes and is seemingly the foundation for his work outside of the home. #2 - his understanding of the human psyche and how it relates to a brand and how people feel when making a purchase, consciously and sub-consciously. I would suggest any organization looking to get on a deeper level of understanding, themselves and those they serve, to start here - you won’t regret it.”
— Rys Fairbrother, Founder and Director at